A TrueType Font by S. John Ross
Cumberland Games & Diversions

Hereís a sequel to an earlier dingbat font, this time called Risus LCB Kringlebats. Like the earlier Risus dingbat font, itís mostly stick-figure art, this time from my newest release, A Kringle in Time (so of course, three are lots of Christmas-type doodles). The images appear in very approximate order of chapters if you start at lowercase a and move alphabetically from there up through the uppercase set. The snowflakes I built for Kringle are here, too, mapped to Zero through 9.

This font is copyright 2004 by S. John Ross. "Cumberland Games & Diversions" is a trademark of S. John Ross. This font is freeware for private, non-commercial use only. Contact me at sjohn@io.com if you have any questions or feedback.

This ZIP archive may be freely distributed provided none of the contents are altered or removed.

Version 1.0