BeautyMarks font is 2012 by bobistheowl for Metaphase Brothel Graphix. All rights reserved. This font is intended for a mature audience, so please use your own judgement in deciding if that applies to you. The equivalent rating for a movie would be PG-13 - some nudity and mature themes.

This font is free, have fun with it! Made with ScanFont 3.13 and MS Paint. I find images on the Internet, and redraw them to two tone bitmap images, composed for monochrome, with a constant height of 280 pixels, and variable width.

If your download included the FontLab .vfb project file, you can make alterations to this font to change or improve any of the glyphs for a specific usage.

The extra large glyphs in this font are approximately 275% as large as for standard fonts - use 26 point size in BeautyMarks to make images the same size as the 72 point size in a standard font.

When I first started collecting fonts, among my favorites were the Sexy Silhouettes series by Darrian Lynx, and I wanted to make fonts like those myself. I just needed to learn to draw better before I could do that.

I try to make the fonts that I would most want to collect if they were made by someone else, and I also try to make fonts with images that could not be properly realized, if the source graphis were smaller. You can decide if I was successful.

Notes on some individual glyphs:

1) b, c, d, e, j: These are based on photographs of American gymnast Nastia Liukin. The j glyph sort of reminds me of Jesus Christ on the cross.

2) m: This reminds me of the Freemason's compass.

3) G: This glyph, in a slightly altered form, originally appeared in the single glyph font Amuse-Bouche, completed in September, 2011.

4) K: This glyph originally appeared in the single glyph font Unabashed, (June, 2012).

5) Y: I downloaded this picture about five years ago, with the intention of using it in a font, eventually.

6) 1: In many of my 2007/2008 fonts, I experimented, unsuccessfully, with grey tones. I was pleased with the way the fishnet stockings shading pattern remained stable at lower point sizes. The same shading pattern was used in the ! and % glyphs.

7) 2: This is probably my personal favorite from this project. This glyph of crossed legs in fishnet stockings, (and the mirror image used for the @ glyph), probably account for 20% or more of the total file size of this font. I was unable to see this glyph at 72 points in MS Word when the Zoom percentage was greater than 149%. It's reminiscent of my 2008 font, KleinKarpets. Type the @ glyph followed by the 2 glyph to make a larger, unusual composite that reminds me of childbirth.

8) 3: A smaller and less detailed version of this glyph first appeared as the a glyph in LaetitiaBats1, my second font from September, 2007.

9): 6: This is one of my personal favorites from this project. I love doing checkerboard floors in perspective to create the illusion of depth.

10) 7: This was the first completed glyph for this project, done in March, 2011. This current version is slightly modified from the version that originally appeared in a limited distribution test font. A silhouette version appears as the [ glyph.

11) 8: I wish I could have done more glyphs like this one, but I couldn't find any other similar source images. It also appears as a silhouette in the ] glyph. I think the same source image was used for the b glyph in Darrians Sexy Silhouettes 4.

12) $: This is based on a photo of Natalie Nunn, who was on some reality show. Her picture came up when I did an images search for "Bad Girls" - I think that was the name of the show. I don't really like the pattern used for the shoulder lapels, but I didn't want to spend more time trying to come up with someyhing better.

13) %: This is not Bettie Page, it's a lookalike. I wasn't happy with how the face came out. It's very difficult to do a nose, when you only have three or four pixels with which to work.

14) ^: This image appears as a silhoutte in the ; glyph, and the same source image was used in the u glyph for DarriansSexySilouettes, (it's from a 1940's pinup). This allowed me to determine that the 26 point size in BeautyMarks was the same size as 72 points in standard fonts.

15) \: This was the last glyph I did for this project, and it is Bettie Page. I forgot to draw the index finger on her right hand. I was less than 100% pleased with how this turned out, which is why it's buried on the backslash key.

16) ?: This was the next to last glyph I drew, and it was reused as a silhouette for the } glyph. It's one of my favorites, and it is Bettie Page.

Please send questions, comments, fan mail and hate mail to me at, should you feel the urge to comment.