Please read this file. It tells you:

How to install your new fonts!
(Not really very difficult.)
What our rights and obligations are!
(Not much actually. It is just a font, after all.)
How to get another 35+ fonts at ridiculously cheap prices!
(Ah! Here's something of value -- to you AND me.)


If this line starts running off the end of your computer screen, right about now, then you need to look at this in an editor/processor with word-wrap capabilities.


For TrueType installation, simply open the Windows 3.1 Control Panel, click on "Fonts," and follow the normal procedure to add each font. If this is the first time you have added TrueType fonts to your system, you may need to check your Windows manual.


These free fonts are provided as shareware. However, you have already fulfilled your obligation by receiving the complete archived file which includes the fonts and the promotional information about other fonts which you may purchase. For having received and read these files, you may use the free fonts for as long as you wish.

You have unlimited rights to use these fonts in any form your software can use it ... except to re-create font files. You may not do anything with the complete font file itself except install it, make backup copies, and let your software use it to format and create characters. You may not convert the font to another format and re-distribute it.

Your installation and use of the free fonts signifies your acceptance of these terms.


These fonts are distributed in the belief that it will be useful, but without any express warranty including even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

I retain ownership of the creation of these font files and rights of distribution of these fonts in any form.



If you enjoy these fonts, then read the following offer! It's your chance to get more than 35 high-quality fonts for next to nothing (... less than half a buck a font).


There are more than 35 fonts in the complete package. There are fun fonts, traditional (but seldom-seen) fonts, very bold fonts, light fonts -- in a wide range of designs.

Why don't you take a look now? Copy the file SEE35HDS.EXE to some temporary directory that has about 350,000 bytes available. "Run" the file. It will self-extract into a Windows CardFile file. Use Windows CardFile software to take a look at all the fonts in the package. You'll also find some additional technical information and details not included here.

All of the fonts are intended for use in larger sizes. As headline type. As decorative type. For use in logo and other design work. Hence the name "35HEADS."

Some of the fonts are readable in text sizes all the way down to 5-point. But you probably already have standard text fonts, such as Times or Helvetica, which will work better for paragraphs of body copy. All of the fonts are kerned and hinted.


I've been in advertising and design for twenty years and jumped from drafting table to PC five years ago. I had been wanting an Egyptian Bold Condensed font for Windows, but couldn't find any available. So two years ago, I sat down one weekend and created the font in CorelDraw!. I spent a lot of time working the bugs out of the font-generating system. I released that font, which I named "Cairo," into the freeware market and became famous. (Well, semi-semi-famous.) (Due to another font distributor's use of the name Cairo, I have since re-named the revised/hinted/kerned version "Akenaten.")

With the bugs worked out, I then created another font, and another. Suddenly I had 15 fonts and started selling the whole package for ridiculously cheap prices. (Well, semi-ridiculous.) Soon, I had gotten up to 25 different fonts. (It's like peeling wallpaper. You get started and you can't stop.) And the ridiculously cheap income kept me in new software, hardware upgrades and an occasional dinner out. And this year the income bought me Fontographer for the PC. I had sworn that I was done with font-making when I finished the first 25. Now here we are talking about 35HEADS.

I have always tried to create fonts that were not available in computer-usable format. Occasionally, after I've created a font, I learn that it is available elsewhere, though certainly not at the low prices you'll pay me. Some are not available in any electronic form. My complete package of fonts will not be available through any other source. The whole package will not be released into the public domain. There's only one way to get 'em, and it'll cost you less than half a buck per font.


I'm often on the buying end of software, just like you. Now I'm selling ... so rather than ask $10 or even $5 for each font that's already been created, I'm asking less than a dollar! I'm not getting rich, but maybe I'll get compensated for the weeks I've put in creating the fonts. I don't have a giant investment to recover. I've been in marketing long enough to know that the traditional wisdom is to charge whatever the market will bear. Well, I don't have to answer to anyone except my own conscience this time. And it says to charge a reasonable amount and then be happy that people are finding value in my efforts and putting the results to good use. (Sorry if that sounds sappy, but it's nice to be honest.)



Take a close look at the free fonts you've installed. Print a "type showing" or something else using them. If you're happy with these, you'll be happy with the others.

Thousands of users are currently using my fonts. They include CompuServe and America OnLine downloaders of the free fonts (like you have right now) plus purchasers of the complete font packages. These fonts were carefully crafted, character by character, in CorelDraw! and Fontographer. All fonts include kerning pairs and hinting.

Many of the shareware fonts out of this package have been included with a half-dozen books over the past year. The subject of the books ranged from font-problem-solving to WordPerfect to Word for Windows and even Windows itself. The fonts included were selected from the shareware group of my fonts. But the main 35HEADS package of 30+ additional fonts was only available to readers by ordering, just like you can do now.

25FONTS was favorably reviewed in WindowsUser magazine last year receiving 3 stars, even though that version of the font package was not yet kerned and hinted.

Here's some past user comments:

"I purchased your 25FONTS [the previous version of this font package] recently and really enjoy them. They're a tremendous value -- high quality and very useable."
J.B., Ojai, CA

"Love that Coliseum!!"
R.J., Woodbury, CT

"I just got your set of incredibly inexpensive fonts. Please let me know when you are bringing out more fonts."
C.G., CompuServe message

"Wow! What a deal! I really, really love your font ...."
E.L., Norwalk, CA

"My sex life has really improved since I started selling these fonts." (Not!)
T.H., Clearwater, FL


Several of the fonts in the package have been posted over the past two years on CompuServe and America OnLine. If you've downloaded any of those, here's your chance to get the ones you've missed with no on-line charges. Additionally, those posted fonts, as well as all previous fonts, have now been upgraded with additional characters, kerning pairs and hinting. Even if you already have a free font or two, you'll want this complete set just for the improvements. But again, the whole package includes a group of 30+ fonts which have not been, and never will be, released as freeware.


All 35+ fonts in TrueType or PostScript, Type 1, format. You have the right to use the fonts for anything for which you would use any other purchased font. Of course you can't re-sell or pass on copies of the font files themselves. You may not give copies to friends. (Let 'em send their own checks!). You may not load the purchased fonts onto any bulletin board.



35HEADS costs $17.50 complete -- shipping, handling and disk included.

Your choice of PostScript or TrueType format. Or both formats for $22.50.

Your choice of 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" disk. The disk will be high-density.

Upgrades: If you're a registered previous purchaser of 15FONTS or 25FONTS, send only $5.00 and you'll get a complete new set in the same format and on the same disk type as your previous order.


1. Print the order form below and then fill it out. Or fill it out and then print it. Or write it out on a separate piece of paper. Or, if you're really frugal, forget the order form and just mark the options (format/disk size) on the "notes" line of your check.

2. Make your check or money order out to "Thomas E. Harvey"

3. Enclose check and order in an envelope and mail it to:
Thomas E. Harvey
420 N. Bayshore Blvd., #206
Clearwater, FL 34619

4. Your fonts will be in the mail back to you on the next business day after I receive your order.


Thomas E. Harvey
February 23, 1993

CompuServe: 72327,1702
America OnLine: ThomasH53

In all files within this package, Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. CorelDraw! is a registered trademark of Corel Systems, Inc. ATM and Adobe Type Manager are registered trademarks of Adobe Corporation. Fontographer is a registered trademark of AltSys Corp. WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corp. Thomas E. Harvey, being a mere speck on the software sea, has no registered trademarks at all.

ORDER FORM -----------------------------------------------GIMIX

Hey Tom! I've taken a look at your fonts and I want more ... NOW!
Please send me the complete 35HEADS font package!

Your Name:



Please mark one disk size: ___ 3 1/2" HD or ___ 5 1/4" HD

Please check one box only:
___ TrueType only ($17.50)
___ PostScript only ($17.50)
___ TrueType and PostScript ($22.50)
___ Registered Past Purchaser ($5.00)

Please mark where you got this file from:
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