>>>>> nonDairy's Mimsy Fonts <<<<<
Dali, Fredfont, OgdredWeary, Ravenous & Xerkle

The fonts "Fredfont-plain" and "OgredWeary" are freeware.
Dali, Fredfont-Chunky, Fredfont-Pics, Ravenous and Xerkle
are shareware and require a $10.00 US fee for their usage
in accordance with the Creative License Agreement below.
Please make checks payable to Raven Hanna and mail to:

nonDairy Publishing
PO Box 200206
New Haven, CT 06520-0206

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>>>Creative License Agreement<<<
The use of these fonts is strictly limited to the terms of
this agreement. The nonDairy fonts are copyright 1995,1996
Raven Hanna and Jesse Reklaw. Intergalactic Rights Reserved.

1. Permitted Uses:
You are authorized to use the nonDairy fonts royalty-free
in advertising, communications, and presentations (uses
where the fonts help communicate a tone or message).
You may distribute the nonDairy fonts provided this file
accompanies them.
You may sing while using these fonts, provided you do not
also play the ukulele.

2. Limitations:
You may not modify, adapt, translate, or create derivative
works based on the nonDairy fonts without the prior written
consent of nonDairy Publishing.
You may not sell the nonDairy fonts themselves, whether
individually or as part of another package.
If you wish to license the use of a nonDairy font or graphic
within a font for a purpose outside the scope of this agree-
ment, please contact nonDairy Publishing for more information.

3. Liability:
Absolutely no liability is assumed by nonDairy Publishing or
its subsidiary Babak, the Spotted Turtle.